KCRW Broadcast 480

Fanatic! Sleep sold out the Wiltern last night. Another great show. I’ve seen them four times now. So cool to hear the new material done live.

Thanks for checking out last week’s show and thanks for the kind words. Very glad you dug it.

Fanatic, there’s a new Arndales album. It’s called Shops and its great. It’s on In The Red. We’ll be playing a lot of this one.

We have assembled a great batch of tunes for you. There are some great records coming out this year. I’ve heard a few of them and while I’m not at liberty to disclose details before the respective labels make their announcements, I can say that we are going to have some great shows coming up. Until then, we hope you dig this one.

Thanks for listening and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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