KCRW Broadcast 492

Fanatic! Wow! It’s September! I know that it’s not fall on the calendar for several days but for me, it started yesterday. I did my best to get the last of my summer listening done in the last few days as I transition into autumn listening.
A lot to look forward to release wise. It’s not for me to steal anyone’s thunder but I will say that there are some fantastic records still to come this year and some great ones for next year. You know that as soon as get the green light from the labels, we will get them to you.
As you know, we program the show seasonally. At the beginning of every September, I look back over the summer to see if I got enough listening done. Last year, I let myself down a little but I think I made for it this time around. For June, July and August, I’m showing 313 records played. It might be a few more as sometimes I forget to write them down but most of the time, I do.
I’ve got a lot of shows coming up that will take me to almost the end of the year, so I may lose some traction on getting new titles heard but I’ll do my best from backstages all over. If you want tour date information, it’s here.
My new book Before The Chop IV is back from the printer and ready to go. We will be selling it on the US tour dates exclusively. Remaining copies will go to the site mail order in early November. All copies will be signed by me. My next book is at the proofreader, prepping it for 2019 release as soon as we can turn it around.
I’m listening to our play list right now in the hotel room I’ve been camping out in for the last few days. I think it’s a good one!
Here are some September reminders:
New Escape-Ism album out September 7 on Merge. I’ve heard the record a few times and it’s great. We don’t have long to wait!!!
Sleep is playing in San Pedro September 15! Here’s your info.
New Sleep 12” OUT RIGHT NOW!!!
Dig the show and STAY FANATIC!!! 
–– Henry
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Hour 1
01. Mirah And Ginger - Oh September / Teenbeat 20
02. Wire - Ex-Lion Tamer / Pink Flag
03. Buzzcocks - Get On Our Own / Another Music in Different Kitchen
04. Joy Division - Shadowplay / Unknown Pleasures
05. The Damned - Sick Of Being Sick / Stiff Singles 1976-1977
06. GØGGS - Burned Entrance / Pre Strike Sweep
07. Amyl & the Sniffers - I'm Not A Loser / Big Attraction & Giddy Up
08. R.E.M. - I Walked With A Zombie / Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye
09. David Bowie - TVC15 (single edit) / single
10. Primitive Motion - In The Space Of Shape Time / By Arc Or Chord
11. The Minutemen - Search / The Punch Line
12. Jim Wilson - Energy / Now Playing
13. One Last Wish - Hide / 1986
14. Radio Birdman - New Race / Radios Appear
15. OCS - Cannibal Planet / Live In San Francisco
16. Fugazi - Lockdown / 13 Songs
17. Our Solar System - Monte Verita / Origins
Hour 2
01. Bellringer - Demon / Jettison
02. Arndales - Half Thrash / Shops
03. Alan Vega - Doctor Deth / 2007
04. Iggy Pop - Livin' On The Edge Of The Night / single
05. Jay Reatard - All Wasted / Singles 06-07
06. Terror Visions - Master Wait / World Of Shit
07. Angry Angles - Things Are Moving (single version) / Angry Angles
08. The Clears - Frozen Fun / The Clears
09. The River City Tanlines - Pretty Please / Coast To Coast
10. Mouse Rocket - I've Seen U Before (Lost Sounds) / Cicada Sounds
11. Lost Sounds - Rearview Mirror / Future Touch
12. The Ooga Boogas - Sentimental Stranger / The Booga Box
13. The Ramones - I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement (mono) / 40th Anniversary Ed. 
14. The Clash - 1977 / Black Market Clash
15. Tom Waits - Get Lost / Bad As Me
16. Zig Zags - No Blade of Grass / Zig Zags
17. The Warmers - Walking Solves It / The Warmers
18. The Fall - Smile / Perverted By Language