KCRW Broadcast 51


Tonight it's some old school heat! I hope you liked last week's show. It was great to be with you all live. Right now, I am sitting backstage at the Kimo in Albuquerque NM, getting ready for the show. I have been on the road here in America for a few days now and things are going well so far. In the few days I was back in LA, I managed to upload all the new CDs that had come in while I was out and all the music is with me now on an external hard drive. I will be working on some shows out here. I have four that I put together last week that are really great. I will put the finishing touches on them out here and send it all in to Engineer X. Thanks for all the kind letters you sent in wishing me a happy birthday, very cool of you.

Now, tonight's show is a very rockin' affair. We start with some vintage killer stuff and move into some moodier and stranger climes. I was looking for some variety here but to stay in the mood for more than one song, rather than bounce all over the place as we do sometimes. The Dax/Roxy/Husker combo kicks the whole thing into another space and then later on, Dukowski's vocal on I'm Dead just explodes. William Shatner is on hand to move the whole thing once again and on we go. The Suicide track is insane, I have been a fan of this one for years, Vega's vocal just rips. We close with Obsessed/Damned/Stooges to set it up for DJ Liza Richardson to take over. Listen as loud as you can and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. Johnny Thunders - Chinese Rocks / LAMF
02. Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker / Rocket To Russia
03. Viletones - Screamin' Fist / A Taste Of Honey  
04. Johnny Cash - Rock 'n' Roll Ruby (Demo) / Sun Years
05. The Cramps - Tear It Up / Song the Lord Taught Us
06. Ronnie Molleen - Rockin' Up / The King Federal Rockabillys
07. Sly & The Family Stone - I Want To Take You Higher / Stand!
08. Dax Riggs - Her Lips Were Wet With Venom / We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love 
09. Roxy Music - Prairie Rose / Country Life
10. Hüsker Dü - Makes No Sense At All / single 
11. The Minutemen - Fascist / Paranoid Time EP
12. Wurm - I'm Dead / single
13. Neon Hunk - Glue Stuff / Secrets And Sounds 
14. William Shatner - I Can't Get Behind That /  Has Been
15. Dillinger - Ragnampiza / Best Of 
16. Eater - Lock It Up / Complete
17. The Blood Brothers - Set Fire To The Face On Fire / Young Machetes
18. Chrome - The Monitors / Alien Soundtracks
19. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand / Let Love In
20. The Cigarettes - They're Back Again, Here They Come / Will Damage Your Health!
21. Johnny Clarke - Top Ranking (I'm The Toughest) / Dreader Than Dread 1976-1978
22. Roky Erickson - It's A Cold Night For Alligators / The Evil One
23. The Screamer - Infant Son / The Screamer   0:54
24. Suicide - Rocket USA / Ghost Riders   4:54
25. Funkadelic - Super Stupid / Maggot Brain   4:01
26. Badfinger - No Matter What / Best Of   3:00
27. Mississippi Fred McDowell - Get Right, Church / My Home Is In The Delta   3:02
28. Kyaw Thet Aung - Min Hnitpar Pwe Taw/"Festival of 2 Kings" / Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar Vol. 3
29. The Obsessed - Touch Of Everything / The Church Within 
30. The Damned - 1 Of The 2 / Damned Damned Damned  
31. The Stooges - Real Cool Time (alt. mix) The Stooges