KCRW Broadcast 510

Fanatic! Happy new year to you. Looks like we’re still with you here at KCRW. The holidays are definitely behind us all now. I don’t mind a few days off but then it gets kind of boring and knowing that I have to resume at some point just makes me want to get things going again sooner than later.

Next week we will begin with some of the music I picked up in Iceland. For our first 2019 show, it’s some new and some familiar, which I thought would be good to start the year with.

I’m working on our show for the 20th now. Very happy to be featuring some music that our good pal and sonic ally Mr. Ty Segall is putting out this year on his excellent God? label. The man is always up to something good. Lucky for us, he’s got a lot of energy. Here’s what’s happening with the God?

It’s a raining Saturday night in Los Angeles. I’ve installed myself at a coffee place to get out of the house for awhile. Before I left, I checked out Black One by Sunn 0))) and an Italian white label promo copy of The Idiot. Later tonight, I’ve got a test pressing of the new mastering of The Crack by the Ruts lined up. Mr. Segs and Mr. Ruffy did the new cut at Abbey Road recently and said it went great. I’ll let you know. Get ready, get set because for our 02-10-19 show, we’re going to listen to a great sounding vinyl rip of said test pressing in our second hour.

I’ve got another great vinyl rip show in preparation that I think you are going to really like. It’s such a great idea, I’m stoked to be able to bring it to you.

I hope you have a great week.

Make 2019 your vinyl overload year and STAY FANATIC!!
! –– Henry

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