KCRW Broadcast 512

Fanatic! So glad to be back with you again. We have a great show lined up for you here as you can see below.

I wanted to give you a heads up on our 02-10-19 show. The Ruts amazing album The Crack, has been remastered at Abbey Road by Mr. Segs and Mr. Ruffy. It will be released a few days before our broadcast. I have, I’m pretty sure, the only test pressing of the album in America. Here’s what we’re going to do: I’m going to make a high quality vinyl rip of the test pressing and we’re going to play it on the show in hour two. It’s going to be great!

I think my favorite track of the night is hour two, track 14, the David Thomas song Through The Magnifying Glass.

Fanatic, while I hope you enjoy the holiday, please remember the person it’s named after.

Play your records and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry