KCRW Broadcast 520

Fanatic! I don’t know where you’re listening to this show from but if you’re in Los Angeles today, wow, it’s summer. Spring was last week and now, in the low 80s, we’re back in the kiln until November.

Great music on this show and more great music to come. Fantastic records coming out this year and we’re going to play them. Since I’m not seeing notices on label websites about these releases, I won’t say anything until they do but it’s a fact, we’ve got some great listening ahead.

If all goes according to plan, get ready, get set for Ian Svenonius to be our live guest on April 7. What music he’s bringing, I don’t know yet but I’ll be leaning on him soon to start generating tracks.

This show is action packed!

Dig the heat and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

Instagram: HenryandHeidi