KCRW Broadcast 54


It's a great one tonight! One of the super bestest tracks ever starts us out tonight. One clean chord Ian MacKaye slams down on at the top of Me And You, don't you think? What we've got here is one great mix. No concept set like last week. Speaking of that set, thanks for all the letters about last week's show. Glad you liked it. I had been wanting to do that one for a long time.

Tonight's show is one of the best mixes in a long time. I am going to listen to it tonight before I go on. I am sitting in the tour bus at the moment, down the street from tonight's venue here in Philadelphia. I just finished two shows in Virginia, they were great and as well, had a day off in Washington DC. I got a chance to hang out with Ian MacKaye, really great to see him and have some time to drive around and see the old neighborhood.

Tonight is the start of a very busy three days. Tonight in Philadelphia and then two nights in NYC. I am glad the night off is over and I am back to show after show. As much as I probably need a night off now and then, they throw me off a little. I have two shows under my belt and I am looking forward to getting onstage tonight.

It's been awhile since we played something from TV Smith's last studio album, In The Arms Of My Enemy, so we're doing it tonight and I can't remember the last time we listened to Blues Boy Rawlins so tonight he gets an airing. Tonight's mix is a great one and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening and STAY FANATIC!!! 


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01. Egg Hunt - Me And You / single

02. Negative Trend - How Ya Feelin' / EP

03. The Ruts - Babylon's Burning / The Punk Singles Collection

04. Roky Erickson - Clear Night For Love / All That Do My Rhyme

05. Joseph Spence - Will The Serpent Be Unbroken / Bahamian Guitarist

06. The Rondelles - Mission Irresistible / Fiction Romance Fast Machines

07. The Buzzcocks - Noise Annoys / Singles Going Steady

08. The Five Royales - All Righty! / Real Thing

09. The Cuban Heels - Do The Smok Walk / single

10. The Pyramids - Ya A Ya A / Music Of Idris Ackamoor 1971-2004

11. Asst. Artists - Ladrang Rajamanggala / The Sultan's Pleasure

12. Ian Shoales - Java Jive / I Gotta Go

13. Sun Ra - We Travel The Spaceways / Soundtrack To The Film: Space Is The Place

14. Alan Vega - Doomo Dance / Power On To Zero Hour

15. Nico - The Sphinx / The Drama Of Exile

16. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou - Noude Ma Gnin Tche De Me / Echos Hypnotiques 

17. Harry Partch - The Wayward: II. San Francisco-A Setting Of The Cries Of Two Newsboys On A Foggy Night In The Twenties / The Harry Partch Collection Vol. 02

18. Matt Payne - Of Arranger / Matt Payne EP

19. Parliament - The Motor-Booty Affair / Motor Booty Affair

20. Clara Ward - I Got Shoes / Someone Bigger Than You And I

21. Slayer - New Faith / God Hates Us All

22. Sly & The Family Stone - Stand! / Stand!

23. JJ Burnell - Euroman / So Young But So Cold

24. TV Smith - See Through / In The Arms Of My Enemy

25. Soccer Team - Traffic Patterns / Soccer Team

26. The Sods - Copenhagen / Minutes To Go

27. Blues Boy Rawlins - I Got a Woman Shining My Shoe / I Got a Woman Shining My Shoe

28. Dax Riggs - Forgot I Was Alive / We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love