KCRW Broadcast 549

Fanatic! It’s our first October show. The listening has been great on my end. The new Boris reissues and new LPs on Third Man as well as the new 2LP Boris set Love & Evol are fantastic. 

Records To Check Out Dept.: Some great records have been turned loose and you should know. 

  • Boris - Akuma No Uta - Reissue on Third Man
  • Boris - Boris At Last -Feedbacker- - Reissue on Third Man
  • Boris - Love & Evol - Third Man
  • Alex Cameron - Miami Memory - Secretly Canadian
  • Skull Practitioners - Death Buy EP - In The Red
  • The Cravats - Shy 7” - Overground
  • Ulaan Khol - Collapsing Hymns cassette - Worstward Recordings

I know there are some records I left out, I have some catching up to do. I’m on it. 

Fanatic, I wanted to start alerting you about this. I just confirmed this a few minutes ago. On Sunday October 27, our good pal and sonic ally, Segs of the Ruts and Ruts D.C. will be our live in studio guest! I've already started bugging him about bringing tracks for us to listen to and I'll have plenty of questions to annoy him with. He's a great guy and I'm so happy that this is happening. We were visiting in London last August and he was hoping he'd be able to make this trip happen. 

I’m looking forward to hearing what Mr. Segs brings in for us to listen to. There are tracks I’m bringing in so I can ask him too many fan boy questions. He’s used to this with me. Whenever I see him, the interrogation starts almost immediately. 

We have for you tonight, a show that you will hopefully find to be a great October mix tape. That’s what we were going for anyway. We hope you dig it and also, that you’re getting a lot of listening done in this month of months. 

Keep listening and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry