KCRW Broadcast 553

Fanatic! Finally, for me at least, some fall weather. I’m in Washington DC at the moment and it’s great outside. I’ve been here for a couple of days and I’m trying to be on the streets as much as possible. 

We are into our November programming. I hope you enjoyed what we rolled out for you. Wow! The lobby of the hotel is playing Golden Years. Nice! Anyway, you’ll see something happening at the beginning of both hours. We’re starting with Joy Division, the same song, the studio version and a live version. We did this to illustrate the point that JD were one thing in the studio and quite another in the live setting. 

You’ll see that we have a lot of our November regulars as well as some bands we don’t play as often. The great Kaiju Daisenso have a new release, Reptilian Majesty, which we’re playing a track from tonight. More information is found here.

Retail’s record can be found here.

Cherry Red’s Fall reissue campaign is going strong with multi LP/CD versions of Hex Enduction Hour and Room To Live both just release. I’m looking forward to hearing these. 

We hope you dig the show and until next week, keep the music playing and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry