KCRW Broadcast 560

Fanatic. I hope you’re having a holiday of some kind, however you choose to go about that. I have been listening to a lot of records and it’s been a great time. We have a great two hours of programming ready for you, as you can see below. 

I’m putting in last week’s notices into this week’s notes.

My new book, Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 1 is out. Signed copies can be ordered here.

Have you heard the new Eddy Current Suppression Ring album? Mine came in yesterday. It’s really good. We’ll get into it next year. 

I’m liking this album by Edith Crash.

As you might be aware, on this day in 1985, we lost the great D Boon of the Minutemen. To this day, it’s hard for me to listen to their records, great as they are. Fanatic, if you’ve never checked out their records, I direct you to the Paranoid Time EP and The Punch Line to start. If you like what you hear, proceed through their records chronologically and they might become one of your favorite bands. I was lucky to have seen them many times. 

Be careful on the roads over the next few days. Taxis and other means of transportation are readily available. 

Until next week, play some records and stay Fanatic. 

–– Henry