KCRW Broadcast 561

Fanatic! Hopefully, you will find our show to be interesting. I’m in Tokyo this week. Later today, I’ll be going to Keiji Haino’s marathon show. It starts at 1900 hrs. and goes until he stops. 

I’ve been here for a few days, hitting record stores and looking around. Go from Kikagaku Moyo and Jim O’Rourke gave me some good tips as to shops in Shinjuku and I found some good stuff. I was at Blind Faith, an incredible shop for live shows, and someone from the LA area who’s here pretty often and he told me that there’s not nearly as many shops in Shinjuku as there used to be. 

We’ll be plugging in some of the records that I found here in two weeks. I was working on a show here earlier today set for January 12. 

We have wrapped another year at KCRW. We are grateful for the chance to be with you every Sunday. 

We hope you dig the show. Enjoy what’s left of the holidays and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry