KCRW Broadcast 563

Fanatic! I hope you have emerged from the coma of the holidays and find yourself ready for 2020. We are doing our best to bring a great show once a week and hopefully, we’ve done it once again. 

I’m excited to finally be able to tell you about a record I’ve been sitting on for months. Wasted Shirt is Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale. They have made an album that will be released on 02-28-20 called Fungus II. It’s really cool. Here’s some information on the record and how to preorder. 

It still being January, we can only play what Cyrus at Famous Class has turned loose so far. When and if he and the band think it’s a good idea to unleash more tracks before release, I’ll get the word and we will put the track right into the show. If you notice, track 5 in hour one is the Wasted Shirt track. 

In both hours, we have live tracks donated to the show by the great taper and live music documentarian Gerhard Lippert. If you go to shows in Los Angeles, you might not know it, but you’ve been in the same room with Gerhard. He’s everywhere all the time it seems and we can thank him for capturing the music. Thank you, sir!

This Friday, there will be a showing of Freaked at the Egyptian Theatre. The soundtrack 2LP set is being released on Mondo and will be available in the lobby. I’ll be on hand post film for the panel q&a. Should be a great time. 

Some copies of my new book still remain. 

I built this show in my micro room in Tokyo late last year. I’ve been back almost two weeks and I’m still trying to shake off the jet lag. 

Have a great week and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry