KCRW Broadcast 575

Fanatic! I hope you are making good use of the time. I’ve fallen into a routine that’s actually pretty good. I get a lot of work done and still have time to listen to music. 

Larry Hardy of In The Red Records and I now have three, count’em three RSD 7’ records ready. So, whenever RSD finally happens, we will have cool news for you. We’re super excited. I think you’ll be into it. 

Here are some reminders. I think bandcamp is a great idea. You can listen and make up your mind. That’s at least fair!

Cool record from an LA band called French Vanilla.

Another cool record from an LA band called Spaceships.

Good record that came out two days ago by a band from London called Es.

The new Cable Ties album is great.

And the new FACS LP is excellent as well. 

Kid Congo has a merch site. My t shirt just arrived. Looks cool!

We hope you dig the show and that you’re taking good care of yourself and staying safe. 

Enjoy the great indoors and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry