KCRW Broadcast 581

Fanatic. Tonight we combine our regular mix tape mode with acknowledging the passing of Florian Schneider and Tony Allen. We are very lucky to have all the great music both of them had a part in making.

Here are some records I’ve checked out over the last few weeks. Yes, I keep a list.

1. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - All In Good Time
2. Alien Nosejob - Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud
3. Thin Lizzy - Vagabonds Of The Western World
4. Typical Girls Vol. 3
5. Typical Girls Vol. 5
6. Primo - Sogni LP
7. Es - Less Of Everything
8. Unrest - Imperial f.f.r.r
9. Rowland S Howard - Teenage Snuff Film
10. Sleep - The Sciences
11. Priests - The Seduction Of Kansas
12. Exek - Some Beautiful Species Left
13. Melenas - Dias Raros
14. Stephen O’Malley - Auflosung Der Zeit
15. Steven R. Smith & Gareth Davis) - Westering
16. Cold Meat - Hot & Flustered
17. Leighton Craig ‎– Diamond Eye
18. Shifters - Have A Cunning Plan
19. The Dangermen - Magical Thinking
20. Pumice ‎– Let's Treat The Pig's Head As Dip
21. Dead Machines ‎– The Night Callers

The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) is doing their level best to keep venues open during these trying times. It’s probably a fact that you haven’t been going to shows like you used to. Imagine being someone who works at a venue and being out of a job or the owner of the venue being crushed by the expenses that leasing a space entails. I had shows this year and they all got canceled. I have tour dates booked for the future and have no idea if I’ll get to do those shows. This is the NIVA site address if you want to know more.

It’s been a strange time these last several weeks. I’ve been working every day and actually getting a lot done. I go out only to get the mail twice a week and groceries now and then. I noticed a lot of people on the road last night when I went to get food. I hope everyone’s staying careful. We must maintain our vigilance and stay disciplined.

Next week’s show is already done and I hope you will like it. Thanks for listening. I’m glad we’re able to deliver music to you.

Hang in there and stay Fanatic.
–– Henry