KCRW Broadcast 591

Fanatic! August will soon be upon us. The end of summer is nigh. I want to travel but I can’t. I want to do this or that or whatever else, but I can’t. I know you’re going through your own version of this so I’m not trying to complain. I mentioned all this because I wanted to tell you that I’m so glad you’re listening to the show and so glad it’s something that is useful. Music is great all the time anyway but right now, I think we might be leaning on it harder than at other times in recent memory. So, thanks so much for tuning in. We’ve got a great one lined up for you. 

If you got the download version of the new Damaged Bug album, the full download address probably showed up in your email over the weekend. I got it so I could get the three track and be able to bring them to you. I’ll get more tracks from that one in in weeks to come. 

I got yet another two, count’em two test pressings of upcoming releases that I think you’re going to dig. It’s not for me to say what they are but I can promise we will have tracks from them later this year and I think you’re going to be into it. 

Oh! Fanatic Denise let me know that there’s another release by Jonnine.

A cassette called Blue Hills. It’s great.
New Boris

Remember over the last several weeks I told you that Larry Hardy and I have been working on a number of super cool limited 7”s? The last one is being pressed up now and later in the year, we’re going to release them all at once to save everyone postage and hassle. The third one just came back last week. SO INTO THIS!!! It’s going to be great. Get ready. 

It’s probably hot where you are. Stay safe! Keep the music on, stay healthy and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry