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RSD was pretty cool, don’t you think? Stoked about the Fall live in Reykjavik 2LP set coming out. Our Ruts DC and Gun Club 7 “s have been unleashed! We’ve got a great one for next month. 

Something I forgot to mention last week was that Lore from Lorelle Meets The Obsolete has done two really great solo releases. Digging these big time! Here’s the info.

So, Fanatic, even though we will have heat here and there, the end of August, which, we’re pretty much at tonight, means the end of summer, at least to me. September first is the start of autumn in my mind. Tonight will be our last visit with Mr. Bogert and his talented frogs and toads until next year. Poetic!

I’ve been working on our September shows for weeks and I think we’ve got great ones lined up. Until then, please enjoy our last one for Fanatic summer. I’m going to put some of last week’s notes in here as I am hoping you will check out these cool releases. 

I got an email from a guy named Alex who suggested I check out a band called Bob Vylan. I went to their bandcamp page and listened. I thought they were great. The language they use, we would have to cut out and I think that would damage and insult the music so we’re not going to. I would recommend you give them a listen. 

The great Dion Lunadon has a new 7”! 

A new Jonny Telafone recording, name your price.

Our Ty Segall tackles Nilsson Schmilsson! Free download.

Did you know that before Gun Club, Jeffrey Lee Pierce had a band called Red Lights? So great! Tapes have been found and a great EP of the music has just come out on In The Red. 

There are even more great records coming out later this year. I have heard them! They exist! We will play them! 

Fanatic, I know that there’s not only a pandemic but some very real danger on the streets. It’s not for me to hand out advice but please, be careful. 

So glad you dug last week’s Jazz show. I figured since we have five Sundays this month, we should get conceptual on at least two of them. 

I have my Fall album coming to me from England. I guess I’ll only have to wait three months for it to arrive. Patient? Me? Never! 

Until next week, please, stay safe and stay Fanatic!!!

–– Henry