KCRW Broadcast 623

Fanatic! Our first show of Fanatic Spring. We have a different calendar here and start in March! That's it! Let's go! We’re back again with Herpetologist Bogert, his frogs and occasional toad to start us off. 

The Fitness Womxn record is really cool. Also, Automatic’s Signal LP is happening. Thank you, Ava MacKaye for letting us know about that one. 

I have been working on next week’s show and it’s all done. We are moving into our spring model and I’m excited be pulling records off the shelf that have been standing by for months. We have a lot of good music to look forward to this year! When I get the go ahead to play tracks, I will get them to you immediately. 

Fanatic, it’s not for me to tell you what to do but if I may suggest. I don’t care what your state is doing about masks and social distancing. Please remain vigilant, masked and socially distanced. We are going to get through this but now is not the time to ease up. 

Have a great night of listening, and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry