KCRW Broadcast 630

Fanatic! I hope your week was good and that you got a copy of the new Dinosaur Jr. album Sweep It Into Space. Mine hasn’t arrived yet. I have two tracks that the press people have sent me but that’s it so far. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

I’ve been working away on book stuff, which isn’t all that interesting as it’s the same thing every day and it seems to take forever but there’s a book at the end of it, so that keeps me going. I’ve been holding onto a lot of Magma Tones releases saving them for warmer weather. This would be the label own by Jani Hirvonen of Uton in Finland. I’ve been digging the Noise/Drone strangeness as I scan and proof read. Last night, totally caved in and went on a UK Subs tear, which was good but didn’t get any unheard records played. Sure sounded good.

Fanatic, as you know, it is not for me to get out in front of a band or a label when it comes to upcoming releases. I will tell you that I’ve heard a few records coming out later this year and we are in for some great listening ahead. As soon as I get the all clear, we will be getting the songs on the show for sure.

Next week, we’ll have a track from Danny Elfman’s new album called Big Mess. He let me hear it several weeks ago and sent a test pressing last week. It’s hectic from start to finish. On vinyl it’s great.

If you’re wondering if on track 16 in our first hour that’s Lime Crush covering Black Tambourine’s Can’t Explain, you are correct, Fanatic. Sub Divide is a good record on the Fettkakao label.

Last week, we had 04-20, which I celebrated by listening to a blue vinyl pressing of Dopesmoker by Sleep and on 04-21, Mr. Iggy Pop’s birthday, I listened to three CDs from the You Think You’re Bad, Man? 5CD Stooges box set.

Next week’s show is done and ready to go. It’s going to be a great one so please tune in if you can and until then, stay safe and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry