KCRW Broadcast 631

Fanatic! I don’t know what the calendar says and I don’t particularly care. As far as I’m concerned, May is the start of summer. May, June, July, August, those are the months of summer.

It’s early Saturday morning, around 0042 hrs. I’ve just shut down the system for the night. I checked out the new Alan Vega album Mutator tonight. It’s good. We have a track from the album next week. I haven’t heard the new Dinosaur Jr. album in full yet. Hopefully, a copy will be at the mail pick up place. I’m looking forward to hearing it. I’ve only checked out the two songs the press person allowed me to have before the release date.

About two hours ago, I played the new Civic album Future Forecast. I’ve had the digital tracks for a few weeks and they’re great but the songs on vinyl are so much better. Really solid album by this great Australian band. 

Sweeping Promises album info.

Dree Leer info here.

About an hour ago, the great Dave Ruffy of Ruts/Rut DC wrote and told me about a live stream event they’re doing on Monday, 2000 hrs. UK time. I hope to check it out. Here’s the info on that.

Several weeks ago, Danny Elfman wrote to tell me he had finished a new album and asked if I wanted to hear it. Of course. It’s called Big Mess. I listened to it twice. There’s not a second on it that’s not hectic and really great. He sent some radio clean tracks so we could get them into the play list. He just sent the 2LP test pressing and that’s really great. So, tonight, we start with Big Mess tracks. Here’s an address to check out more. 

I hope you like the tunes we have gathered for you. I was up until late last night finishing off next week’s show. Once I had it all sequenced, I played the tracks in order from start to finish and I think it’s a good one.

Please get vaccinated and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry