KCRW Broadcast 636

Fanatic! Do we have a great Saturday night show lined up for you. Extreme cool mix tape thing we have happening here.

We’ve been looking at all those Bandcamp pages on the new releases and I’m not going to drag you through them all again. I get the idea that you now how to look for things on the internet or otherwise having your hand held. If anything, you could easily teach me a ton of things. 

Fanatic, this is my last Saturday to remind you about this. June 11 is the cut off! I can’t wait for this one.

Special Announcement

Fanatic! Now and then, I tell you there are great records in our future that I know for a fact are on the way. I also tell you until the label makes an announcement, I have to keep the information to myself.

Ian MacKaye has been keeping me in the loop on the progress of one such project for several months: Dischord 200, a limited edition box set containing the first six 7” releases of Dischord Records. Information can be found at this site address.

What’s important to know is that this is a one time only press run. The amount produced will be determined by how many are ordered. The last day to order is June 11th,  2021. Dischord is not kidding! Once the orders are filled, that’s it. There will be no second run.

Fanatic, I hope you’re having a great weekend with a lot of music.

I hope next week is a good. Our next show is already prepared and ready to go. Stay safe and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry