KCRW Broadcast 641

Fanatic! I don’t know what part of this groovy planet you’re reading this from but here in Los Angeles, it’s roasting. Yesterday, I had to run some errands and just being in the car was super hot. It’s a heat that feels like it has weight.

A cool Alan Vega record is ready for order from In The Red Records called Alan Vega After Dark. I’ve been listening to these songs for months and am excited that they’re finally getting out. Years before in 2016, Alan’s wife Liz played me a couple of tracks from this session and it was somewhat frustrating as I thought they would never come out. Luckily for us all, the tracks will hit the bins this year. 

Info on that cool Tamar Aphek album All Bets Are Off

It’s been interesting getting back to a version of how things used to be. I was at my regular coffee place the other night, at the table where I’ve spent so many hours for the first time in like sixteen months and it wasn’t bad.

Heidi and I finished the final draft of Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 3 a few days ago. Next stop, the copy edit, which is another few weeks but we’re getting there and we’re quite sure we’re going to make our deadline.

We have a tremendous gathering of tunes for you tonight. Next week’s show is almost done. Thank you for listening.

Keep cool and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry