KCRW Broadcast 649

Fanatic. Hello and welcome to our September 2021 shows. We’re going to do something conceptual in our second hour by playing an album in its entirety. It’s not the first time we’ve done this. I thought it would be a good way to get deep in hour two. We hope you dig the albums we’ll be playing for you.

Our first album for the month is 1986 by One Last Wish. This is pitch perfect September listening! Here’s the Dischord site page with information on the band and the album.

Please, Fanatic, if you haven’t, please check out the In The Red Records site for our cool 7”s that Larry and I have released. The Vega 7”s blew out fast but there are copies of the other ones still in stock. They look and sound great.

The new Bat Fangs album Queen Of My World will be out late next month! We’ll be starting tracks on 10-23-21, a week ahead of the 10-29-21 release date. I have the files now and have ordered the LP version. I’ve played the album twice and am digging it big time. We’ll get into all the tracks. So glad the band followed up.

Also, new HTRK releasing on 09-17-21. I have the tracks here and it’s another great one. We’ll be getting into this one, of course.

So many new releases will be informing our upcoming shows. We’re looking forward to getting all this cool music out to you.

The great Lee Perry has passed away. A true visionary.

I hope you’re able to tune in tonight. Take the best possible care of yourself and stay Fanatic.

–– Henry