KCRW Broadcast 657

Fanatic! I hope your October was good. I got a lot of music listened to. Not as much as I wanted but still, I got in some great listening sessions. 

I’m guessing you might have plans for tonight as it’s a Saturday night and you might catch this show later. I hope that whatever you get up to, that you stay safe. 

Tonight we have a great mix tape lined up for you for our last weekend in the month of months. Check out our happening second hour with a Misfits album and an amazing Damned track to finish. 

If you like track 19 in hour 1 by the Four Plugs, Larry Hardy and I have reissued that 7” cut from the master tape and it sounds great. Here’s the info.

Here is the link for some of my tour dates for next year. 

Our first show for November is done and it’s a great one of course. Have  great week. Make time for putting on records and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry