KCRW Broadcast 66


Writing to you from stage left of the Crest Theater in Sacramento CA. Tonight's show is less than two hours away. I wanted to get these notes made before I hit stage tonight. It's a great mix we have here. I played it all the way through last night when I was in Reno and it is sounding good to me! You will see a lot of our regular friends in the show and a few things that may be new to you.  We've been doing a lot of Duke Ellington lately, I hope you Fanatics have been digging that. Remember that I will be live next week! I will go from the K, right to the stage at Largo and keep jamming! Fanatic is as Fanatic does!

Hey you LA area Fanatics, tickets for my three shows at the Largo, 11-13 are now available through MusicToday. It's been a little frustrating dealing with how Largo goes about ticket sales but it's not my venue. I was hoping to do more shows there but I don't like how they work the ticket thing, it's too laid back and amateur for me, so I cut the shows off at three. Will be raising money for the WM3 and Holly Grove, so your attendance will help others.

A couple of nights ago, I was in Washington DC to host the 30th anniversary of the 9:30 Club. It was a great night of DC area talent. Everyone was great. I got there part way in, due to a flight leaving late but I caught a great deal of it. I was gutted to walk in as the Evens were packing up their gear! Bob Mould and Ted Leo were great, Clutch crushed it, the Pie Tasters were great and then Trouble Funk hit stage to finish it, and they were amazing. It was at least the best night of the year to be standing in front of TF with Ian and Alec MacKaye as Trouble dropped the bomb. After the event was over, we hung out on the sidewalk outside the venue, me, Ian, Alec, Guy Picciotto, Brendan Canty and others for quite awhile and then I went back to Dulles to fly back to Oregon to resume the tour. Days later, here I am, ready to hit stage.

Next week, we are live! Next week I am doing three nights at Largo so tune in, go go go and STAY FANATIC!!! 


E-Mail address for Henry: Henryontheradio@AOL.com

01. James Brown - Make It Funky / Star Time     
02. King Tubby & Soul Syndicate - Great Stone / Freedom Sounds In Dub
03. Panadda Chayapark - 5000 Nut / Zud Rang Maa CD 01
04. Tinariwen - Chabiba / Imidiwan: Companions
05. The Misfits - Hollywood Babylon / Box Set (Disc 1)
06. Magazine - Come Alive / Magic, Murder And The Weather     
07. Foot Village - Japan     / Fuck The Future
08. Thomas A. Dorsey / Georgia Tom - Crow Jane Alley / Complete Recorded Works Vol. 1
09. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Reverberation (Doubt) / Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye
10. Pixies - Head On / Trompe Le Monde
11. Sun Ra - Door Of The Cosmos / Sleeping Beauty
12. The Fall - Mexico Wax Solvent / Our Future Your Clutter
13. Birthday Party - Kiss Me Black / Junkyard
14. Pere Ubu - Street Waves / The Modern Dance
15. Gun Club - Sleeping In Blood City / Miami
16. SPK - Cry From The Sanatorium / Leichenschrei
17. Suicide - Radiation / 2nd Suicide Album
18. Descendents - Ride the Wild / Fat EP +
19. Duke Ellington     - Goin' Nuts     / Complete Brunswick and Vocalion Recordings
20. Wire - French Film Blurred / Chairs Missing
21. Serge Gainsbourg - Flash-Forward / L' Homme A Tete De Chou
22. Soccer Team - Solid Ring Fighters / Soccer Team
23. Gangbé Brass Band - Awhan-Ho / Whendo
24. Jimmy Giuffre 3- Trance / Flight, Bremen 1961
25. Chuck Dukowski Sextet - Atoms / Eat My Life
26. Gil Gilberto - Cérebro Eletrónico (Electronic Brain) / Cérebro Eletrónico     
27. Q And Not U - Soft Pyramids / Different Damage
28. Hott Beat - Gotta Get It / A Hott Mess