KCRW Broadcast 663

Fanatic! I hope you had a great week. Here are some records you might like. 

The new MOD CON album Modern Condition is really good

TV Smith and Richard Strange are going to formally release their track Don’t Panic England.

New Boris album called W.

Boris Reincarnation Rose 12”.

I like this Nicfit album. 

I just pre-ordered the new VUM album

I listened to Astro Black by Sun Ra two nights ago. Sounded great. Last night was the MOD CON album once again as well as some early Trouble Funk 12”s, Raw Power and of course Machine Gun Etiquette. 

We’ve got a great show lined up for you. Some new, some old, all working well together. Next week’s show is almost done. 

Have a great week. I hope you get a lot of music listened to. Stay safe and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry