KCRW Broadcast 666

Fanatic! I’m glad we’re still here. I hope you had a good time over the last week. It’s something having shows directly on the holiday, two in a row. I don’t know what you’re up to this weekend and don’t know if you’ll even have a chance to check out this show until later in the week or month but I hope you do!

A great mix of tunes we have lined up for you which we hope you will enjoy. I’m in a dark room, scanning images for Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 4. These books are a lot of work to complete but I like doing it.

Here’s the site address for that cool band Wristwatch.

Have you had the chance to hear the new Bat Fangs album on vinyl? I’ve rocked that one a bunch of times.

Do you have any resolutions? I don’t but I do plan on listening to a lot of music this year if I can. I think we’re in for more of those “interesting times” and I’ll be needing all the good music I can get.

Myself, Engineer X and Engineer Am Rock are grateful for your listenership. Here we go into another year.

Keep jamming and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry