KCRW Broadcast 667

Fanatic! I hope your new year is going great so far. My European tour dates canceled as one country after another fell out. I should be in Berlin right now. It’s not for me to complain, I think pretty much everyone has been put through quite a lot over the last two years. 

New Sweet Knives is moving out! 

Did you get your copy of the new Boris album called W? I got the Levitation pressing. Another awesome one from this great band.  

This new Ty Segal LP is really great.

I’m glad the “holiday season” is over with, I want to get on with things. There are some great records coming out this year. Lots to look forward to.  

A tremendous gathering of tunes we have for you. KCRW still sees fit to keep us around, a miracle!

Enjoy the tunes, have a great week and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry