KCRW Broadcast 67


Tonight will be a marathon but a great one! We have a great mix of jams tonight. I am in my office at the moment, listening down to all the songs, sounds great. I am on two hours of sleep and trying to get these notes together for you so I can pass out for a little while.

New KEG and Omar Souleyman, nice! I know many of you Fanatics already knew about the first Smart Went Crazy release, Cubbyhole. I didn’t and only saw a listing for it several days. It’s like any other SWC release—great, so we are rocking a track tonight. I am loving the new Jaguar Love album the more I play it. I have been listening to a lot of Double Leopards and Jackie-O Motherfucker lately, really amazing stuff from both groups.

After we finish the Sonic Jihad at the K, I will go immediately to Largo, park and walk onstage and hit it. It will be a long night but I know I can do it. The first two nights are sold out but there might be some tickets left for the Sunday show.

Tour has been going well, past 110 shows now and still going strong. Will be interesting to do shows in Los Angeles. I usually skip this town. It’s always strange to do a show and then go back to the hovel. I am used to playing the away game.

I think you are going to dig tonight’s show. Check the Dizu track, a thing of beauty and the last track for tonight, great sounds, great vocal! Everything Sublime Frequencies has to be checked out. So, check it out and STAY FANATIC!!! 


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01. The Damned - Love Song / Machine Gun Etiquette
02. The Viletones – Rebel / A Taste Of Honey
03. James Brown - Give It Up or Turn It Loose / Revolution of the Mind
04. The Stooges - Down On The Street (Single Mix) / Fun House 
05. King Crimson - Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With / The Power To Believe
06. Ramones - Carbona Not Glue / Leave Home
07. Black Tambourine - We Can't Be Friends / Complete Recordings
08. Snail - Via / Penny Dreadful / Blood
09. Jaguar Love – Jaguar Warriors / Hologram Jams
10. Past Lives - Strange Symmetry / Strange Symmetry
11. The Jive Five - I Don't Want To Be Without You Baby / Complete
12. John Coltrane - Stellar Regions / Stellar Regions
13. Dizu Plaatjes - Asizang'olala Thina / Ibuyambo
14. The Minutemen - Beacon Sighted Through Fog / What Makes a Man Start Fires?
15. Othar Turner - Black Woman / The George Mitchell Collection
16. X - White Girl (single mix) / Wild Gift
17. Yangon Sein Kyi Moe - The Tune Of The First Entertainment / Princess Nicotine: Folk And Pop Sounds Of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 1
18. Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - Attak Decay / The Bridge
19. Wolfgang Riechman - Abendlicht / Wunderbar
20. The Fall - New Face In Hell / Grotesque
21. Red Cross - Annette's Got The Hits / Annette's Got the Hits EP
22. KEG -20th Century Boy / The Lone Ranger Of Rock
23. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Predate / Grand Unifying Theory
24. Double Leopards - Sound Holes / Halve Maen
25. The Misfits - Static Age / Static Age
26. The Scorpions - Robot Man / In Trance
27. Omar Souleyman - Li Raja Behawakom (I Beg You, Baby) / Jazeera Nights
28. DEVO - Gates of Steel (demo) / Recombo DNA
29. Smart Went Crazy - Fossils In Ink / Cubbyhole
30. Height / Dismay - Girl From Ipanema / Terrace Industry: M Squared Box 1980 – 1983
31. Gene Defcon - King Of France / Throw Up & Die
32. Thongmark Leacha - Are You Tired of Me Already? - Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 02