KCRW Broadcast 675

Fanatic! I haven’t checked but I bet it’s not spring as far as the calendar is concerned. It is for me. I broke out the Rites Of Spring album, the Rain 12” and The Infotainment Scan LP to get things going. 

I see that people have received their Dischord box sets. Pretty great, right?! Finally. Ian and Dischord have hit a high note with this one. I was going to recommend the new green vinyl Embrace LP reissue but it’s already gone. I love that album.  

I wanted to tell you this, so you don’t miss out on an opportunity you might want to take advantage. The 180g reissue of Eric Dolphy’s Out To Lunch LP sounds amazing. I’ve played this record so many times and the other night when I had this new pressing on, it was to be amazed all over again.  

Here are some new record notices.  

We have new Sweet Knives music in our second hour.

The Nicfit album Fuse is great.

New Beechwood!

I’m leaving on tour in a few days. We will have Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 3, along with a tour edition of Black Coffee Blues and a poster designed by Shepard Fairey, signed by the both of us. 

Tonight’s show is a cool emerging from winter into spring mix tape. I hope you like it. Next week, I’ll be writing to you from the great state of Michigan. 

Have a great week and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry