KCRW Broadcast 676

Fanatic! Things are much better now. I’m on a bus with about eighty shows waiting for me. I know last week, I mentioned as far as I was concerned, it was spring. Easy to say writing from one of the USA’s warmer regions. This Fanatic Spring Theory holds no water if your environment is cold. Currently, it’s 25F where I am in Michigan. I think spring would be a hard sell here. Fair enough. I just can’t look at the calendar and think it’s still winter but that’s just me. 

My first show is tonight. Here’s tour information

I spent a good part of the day signing copies of Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 3. We loaded them onto the bus while snow was falling. This is where my whole spring idea fell over.  

Fanatic Tim recommended this band Self improvement to me. I think they’re very cool. We’ll start getting tracks into the show soon. 

This is another very cool record. It’s Violetta Del Conte-Race from Primo and Jake Robertson from Alien Nosejob. They’re called Modal Melodies. The album is coming out on Anti Fade and it’s really smart. Pay attention to Anti Fade, they’re always up to something good. 

Engineer X and I are working on upcoming shows. I warn you, there will be frogs. And some toads.  

Take good care of yourself and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry