KCRW Broadcast 682

Fanatic! Hello from Des Moines. The wind is shaking the bus as we sit in the parking lot outside the venue. Over 40 shows in an things are going well.

Here are the rest of the shows on this part of the tour

Here’s last week’s heads up again

New Dion Lunadon.

Liz Lamere has a new solo album which is super cool. You might have heard her on her husband Alan Vega’s albums. This first album of hers is great. So glad it’s coming out. Way to go Larry Hardy and In The Red Records!!!

There is a new 2LP compilation of music by Suicide called Surrender recently released on BMG. I can’t find an exact site for the release but Discogs seems to have a lot of them.  

The new Stroppies album Levity is really good like all their albums.

New Party Dozen album is great. This is a brilliant band.

Sleep reissue.

A great show we have for you here. Some old and new. The new Spread Joy album is great.

I went through the lists of all the RSD releases and so far, nothing is jumping out at me. I was hoping for more Fall and Sun Ra reissues. 

Looking forward to the show tonight here in Des Moines. Have a great weekend and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry