KCRW Broadcast 684

Fanatic! The frogs are back in town. It must be summer. It is as far as this Fanatic is concerned. I’m beaming in to you from the parking lot of the venue in Colorado Springs, CO. Shows have been going great and if anything, it seems to be ending before it even started. It seems like a week ago we were in Michigan and now we’re over fifty shows in.  

Tonight we start our summer listening cycle with Charles M. Bogert & Associates and bullfrogs in the background whenever I’m on the mic to make things as ridiculous as possible. 

In the small backstage areas I’m afforded in the venues I’m in, I’ve started a re-immersion of summer listening. Black Tambourine, Flin Flon, Unrest, UK Subs, Bratmobile and others. I’m going into the venue soon and will set up my portable system and get into it. I’m grateful to have an audience waiting for me every night. It’s been three years waiting to get back out here. 

I hope you’ve been getting some good listening happening. I spend a lot of time in the gym and have been enjoying the treadmill sessions with the earphones. We have an excellent selection of tunes for you, hopefully you’ll find it all to your liking.  

Have  a great rest of the weekend and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry