KCRW Broadcast 69


Pardon my DC! Tonight's concept set is all DC-area bands all night long until Liza comes in at 8 pm! We feature some of our favorite labels Dischord and Teenbeat as well as a few others as well as some of minutes from my tape collection. I think you are familiar with a lot of the bands on this particular broadcast, although I think we have a few artists joining the Sonic Jihad, like the Slickee Boys and perhaps Experience Unlimited. I think you're gong to like this one, I sure hope so. I was thinking that this could be a really cool show to do. I have wanted to do this one for a long time.

As I told you last week, I got a copy of the Dax Riggs album, Say Goodnight To The World. Heidi “The Demon” May called Fat Possum and asked when we could start playing it and they said they were cool with it happening now. So, when I am back with you live in a couple of weeks (!) I will lay some new Dax on you. I think you will dig it. Also, we will have some unreleased XBXRX, thanks to Vice Cooler.

Shows have been going well out here. It's a night off for me, here in Fort Collins CO. A few more shows and then the tour is pretty much over except for some festival dates and some shows to be booked later in the year. It went very quickly.

Thanks for all the cool mail you all have been sending in, thanks so much for checking out the show. We are so happy to be able to bring it to you.

Listen loud and STAY FANATIC!!!


 E-Mail address for Henry: Henryontheradio@AOL.com


01. Bad Brains - Pay To Cum / Banned In D.C.: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs   
02. The Teen Idles - Get Up And Go / 20 Years Of Dischord
03. The Untouchables - Nic Fit / Flex Your Head   
04. The Enzymes - Speedwash / (Demo Haskett 1997 Re-Mix)   
05. Void - Authority / Flex Your Head
06. Minor Threat - Salad Days / Complete Discography   
07. Government Issue - Lie, Cheat, & Steal / Flex Your Head        
08. White Boy - I Hate / :30 Over DC      
09. The Obsessed - Sodden Jackal / Incarnate
10. The Snakes - Twelve Angry Men / I Won't Love You (Till You're More Like Me)   
11. The Penetrators - The Break / :30 Over DC
12. Slickee Boys - Escalator 66 / Somewhat Of An Anthology   
13. The Screamer - Filing Cabinets / The Screamer    
14. 1/2 Japanese - I Want Something New / :30 Over DC
15. Slim - Don't Touch That Stereo / Single
16. The Nation Of Ulysses - Cool Senior High School (Fight Song) / 13-Point Program To Destroy America    
17. Rites Of Spring - Persistent Vision / End On End + EP
18. The Warmers - No One Like Me No One Like Me / The Warmers     
19. Unrest - Bavarian Mods (Remix) / B.P.M. (1991-1994)
20. Fugazi - Glue Man / 13 Songs
21. JJ Starr - Roll Call (Late Night Edition) / Tape
22. Romania - Breaking Communication / Remodel   
23. Black Eyes - Pack Of Wolves / Black Eyes
24. Butch Willis & The Rocks - I Miss Her Too Much / Repeats
25. Brief Weeds - (It's So Hard Not To) Say Hello / International Hip Swing
26. Rain - Rivers / La Vache Qui Rit
27. Fire Party - Cake / 20 Years Of Dischord   
28. Asst - WKYS Roll Call / Tape                   
29. El Guapo - Glass House / Fake French
30. Q And Not U - Book Of Flags / Single
31. Flin Flon - Chicoutimi     / Chicoutimi EP
32. Experience Unlimited - EU Freeze / Single