KCRW Broadcast 692

Fanatic! I hope your weekend is going great.

Fanatic! It’s 0154 hrs. I just finished work on next week’s show. I hope you have something planned for the “holiday weekend” that won’t cost too much. I’ll be working straight through but at least I’ll have a soundtrack. 

This is a cool record by the band Delivery. They’re in hour one.

Remember when we were listening to tracks from the new Cold Beat album War Garden? I finally got a chance to listen to it on vinyl. Sounds great.

I was at Amoeba a couple of days ago and picked up some cool records. I was able to find a copy of  the new 2LP Suicide compilation Surrender. I wonder who wrote the liner notes for it?

We’ll be starting tracks from the new Party Dozen album The Real Work soon. Another great Party Dozen record. Super interesting band.

We’ve got a great gathering of hot weather music lined up for you. I hope it’s not too roasting where you are. 

Find shade, maintain hydration and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry