KCRW Broadcast 699

Fanatic! Welcome to our yearly Case of The Punks show. Tonight it will be wall-to-wall. Each track a classic! 

There are some records and releases worth checking out. Some of the records have not been announced and it’s not for me to get out in front but I will say there are some great ones coming soon and I’m already putting tracks into upcoming show slots so I don’t forget. 

Info on all the cool downloads Teri Gender Bender is doing.

The new Eggy album is really cool

The new Upchuck album is a beast.

Sweet Knives are on tour for a few shows in August. I saw them a few nights ago, they were great. 

20. Buffalo NY - Duende at Silo City

21. Cleveland OH - Happy Dog

22. Detroit MI - Outer Limits Lounge

23. Indianapolis IN - State Street Pub

I have more shows starting in mid September.


Tonight’s show is a frenzy! We hope you dig it. More to come next week as we say goodbye to summer. 

Keep the tunes playing and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry