KCRW Broadcast 7

Fanatics! As you listen to this, I am in the desert at Coachella. Engineer X and I pre-taped this show several nights ago. I put together what I hope will prove itself to be a solid and satisfying batch of music. I played this set over and over again for some time before calling it finished.

I met some of you last week at the RadioActive event at the Park Plaza Hotel. I thought that was a good time and it seemed that everyone was having a blast. It was great to meet you and thanks for all the kind words about the show.

Interesting stuff tonight from new band Mi Ami. The men from Farflung sent me their new album and we put one of the tracks into the mix tonight. I like this record a lot. The new Horrors track has me captivated and I can’t wait to hear the whole album. This track is nothing like anything from their first album and this makes me all the more interested.

The last track of our show tonight was a selection by my Brother in Sonic Jihad, Engineer X. Vieux Farka Toure is really great. I have his new album and waiting for the green light from the label as to when I can play some of it on the radio. If you like what he does, you will like the new album.

Next week will be our Post Punk broadcast. I have been looking forward to playing this one for you for many weeks now. I think I have it right where I want it now. It was missing something and I added it last week and now it feels ready.

I know that many of you are out here with me in the shifting sands of the Coachella Festival. I hope you are enjoying yourselves and will check out this show on archive when you get a chance. Until next week when we go back in time ... STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

E-Mail address for Henry: Henryontheradio@AOL.com

01. Motorhead - The Hammer / Ace Of Spades
02. James Brown / Make It Funky / Star Time
03. John Lee Hooker - Make It Funky / Free Beer And Chicken
04. Beastie Boys - The Sounds Of Science / Paul's Boutique
05. The Meters - Do The Dirt / Cabbage Alley
06. Generation X - Trying For Kicks / single
07. U.K. Subs – Kicks / single
08. The Undertones - Teenage Kicks / The Undertones
09. Charley Lincoln - Jealous Hearted Blues / Charley Lincoln And Willie Baker
10. Black Flag - Jealous Again / First Four Years
11. Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Theme Amour Universal / Les Stances à Sophie
12. Jaguar Love - The Man With The Plastic Suns / Take Me To The Sea
13. Jah Lion - Soldier And Police War / Colombia Colly
14. The Clash - Police And Thieves / The Clash
15. The Ruts - Jah War / The Punk Singles Collection
16. Tèshomè Meteku - Gara Ser Nèw Bétesh / Ethiopiques Vol. 1
17. Brian Ferneyhough - Etudes Transcendantales II / Nieuw Ensemble
18. The Fontaine Toups - TFT / TFT
19. Mi Ami - Freed From Sin / Watersports
20. Frank Zappa – WPLJ / Burnt Weeny Sandwich
21. The Horrors - Sea Within A Sea / Primary Colours
22. Hawkwind - Silver Machine (original single version) / In Search of Space
23. Farflung - Unborn Planet / A Wound In Eternity
24. Sun Ra - Thither And Yon / Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy
25. Carl Douglas - Dance The Kung Fu / Best Of
26. Vieux Farka Toure – Wosoubour / Vieux Farka Toure