KCRW Broadcast 700

Fanatic! It’s our last show for the summer! I know autumn doesn’t “officially” start until weeks from now but as far as this Fanatic is concerned, August 31 is the last day of summer. Enjoy the frogs because this is the last of them for the year. 

At this time of the year, I always ask myself if I listened to enough music over the summer. Music sounds great all the time of course but for me, hot weather is the best time to listen. I think I did a good job of getting a lot of records played. I was on tour for a good part of the summer but I made up for it over the last several weeks. 

My copy of the new Young Prisms album Drifter just arrived. Sounds great! 

My Liz Lamere Keep It Alive album just arrived. I’ll play it as soon as possible. 

I’ve been playing the new Boris album once a night. 

I have more shows starting in mid September. 


Next week is our first September show. It’s all done and it’s a great one. Please tune in if you can. 

Have a tremendous, music filled week and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry