KCRW Broadcast 701

Fanatic! Happy September to you. I hope you got a lot of summer listening in. As far as this Fanatic is concerned, it’s autumn. Even though it’s hot out, in my mind there’s a new season happening. 

I’ve been getting some great suggestions as to new bands to listen to as well as doing a lot of sleuthing on my own. Thanks to Fanatic Iosif, Fanatic Brandon and of course, the McGinty for the heads up on cool bands. 


Gutter Girls

Petrol Girls


Debbie Downers

The Cool Greenhouse - New album

The Casual Dots - New album

Run do not walk to this one, really great. 

The Prize

I know it’s a lot but it’s Bandcamp and you can listen for free and make your mind up. I think this is a great thing for music Fanatics. It’s fair and gets the word out. 

The new Young Prisms album Drifter is really good. New Eggy album is great. There are a few coming out soon I’m not at liberty to talk about yet but as soon as I get clearance from the labels, I’ll sound off. Great records to look forward to. I just got my Liz Lamere LP, I’ll get at that tonight or tomorrow. 

I have more shows starting in mid September. 


I’ve been working on new shows to be ready for all the tour dates I have coming up. Over the next several weeks, there will be all the bands I just listed plus a lot more. I think they’re all great. Music is really good right now and there’s lots to look forward to.

I think we’ve put together a good early September show for you. Again, as we did last year, we kick it off with Mirah and Ginger. I love this song. Whenever I play it, I usually play it twice. Have a great night of listening and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry