KCRW Broadcast 71


What a show we have for you tonight. First off, we are LIVE!!!! Second off, new XBXRX and new Dax Rigs! Both tracks are great. I have been playing Dax’s new album, Say Goodnight To The World almost every night and it’s really growing on me. I think it comes out next month and we will be getting into this one all summer long, so prepare yourself!

The Brian Doyle-Murray track is one of the best things I have ever heard, so great. I know we have listened to it before, I hope I am not wearing you out on some of these tracks, like the Slayer or the Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink tracks, I hope you like them as much as I do. You can find that amazing Question Mark track online. There is a limited vinyl re-issue of it here and there for a ton of money, there’s also a download of it you can find without too much searching. I hope you seek that one out. Been a long time since we had some Sado Sluts on the show. That’s a really strange thing to write, I know. Too late. Great album, don’t know how available it is, pretty cool though. Thanks to Engineer X for the cool hook up on tonight’s Erasmo Carlos track. You’re going to love this one. Many moons ago, in his never ending quest to teach this old dog a few new tricks, he gave me a large file of songs to check out and this was one of the tracks.

That’s right, we’re listening to Rick James, bitch! Fuck yo couch! Big thanks to Road Manager Ward for the Wolfgang Dauner turn on. The Output album is out of print but you can find a download of it on the Mutant Sounds site. Really cool album. I have made one pass through it so far and will be back for more on some late night listen at some point.

OK, are you ready for a bit of a concept? We have three tracks, The Ruts, The Ran-Dells and The Newcomers. All three do the same song at least in part. Ian MacKaye turned me onto the Ran-Dells track and I had the Newcomers track. I know we have played the Ruts track and the Ran-Dells track before but I couldn’t resist this grouping. The Newcomers track is too funny in parts. At Stax, they could turn anything into a Soul classic! Listening to Jackson Five steals!

Can this show possibly get any better? YES IT CAN!! Full length version of the Rowland Howard track Pop Crimes. We listened to the single edit weeks ago but tonight, it’s the full length album version with maximum Rowland guitar obliteration! So sadly missed, what a man, what a sound! New Konono Nº1 tonight!  New old Japandroids, Thanks Engineer X. A great Graveyards track, one of the more interesting Olson explorations and the sadly gone Jay Reatard also tonight. My favorite DEVO song tonight, has a big fat F-Bomb in it that Engineer X will adroitly cleanse. You’re going to live this track. Definitely need some Blue Cheer and to finish it off, one of my favorite Van Halen bootleg tracks.

I think what we have here is one of the best shows ever and it’s only made greater because you’re here listening to it. SO, let’s turn it up and get into it! Post show, I will be doing a very late into the night listening session, it’s been too long! Until next week, Fanatics, listen loud and STAY FANATIC!!! 


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01. Public Enemy - Lost At Birth / Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black
02. Brian Doyle-Murray - Stand Up / National Lampoon Radio Hour
03. Slayer - Stain Of Mind / Diabolus In Musica
04. Xbxrx - After All / Unreleased
05. Dax Riggs - No One Will Be A Stranger / Say Good Night To The World
06. Question Mark - Freaking Out / Be Nice O The People
07. Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink - I'm A Spy / Bulb Singles #1
08. Sam Rivers - Mellifluous Cacophony / Contours
09. Sado Sluts On Smack - Queen Of The USA / Sado Sluts On Smack
10. Erasmo Carlos – Mane Joao / Brazil 70 After Tropicalia
11. Trinity - Fire Down A Town / Shanty Town Determination
12. Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage Jesus - Puzz Puzz / Righteous Lite
13. Rick James - Below The Funk (Pass The J) / Street Songs
14. Wolfgang Dauner - Bruch / Output
15. The Ruts - The Crack / Grin And Bear It
16. Ran-Dells - Martian Hop / Lux And Ivy's Favorites Vol. 6
17. The Newcomers - The Martian Hop / Complete Stax/Volt Singles 72-75
18. Black Sabbath - The Wizard / Black Sabbath
19. Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes / Pop Crimes
20. Konono Nº1 - Guiyome / Assume Crash Position
21. Graveyards - Untitled / Endings Vol. 3
22. Jay Reatard - Painted Shut / Matador Singles
23. Japandroids - Lovers/Stangers No Singles
24. Devo - It Takes A Worried Man / Pioneers Who Got Scalped
25. Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues / Vincebus Eruptum
26. Van Halen - Gonna Take A Lotta Drugs / The Demography 1974-1984