KCRW Broadcast 712

Fanatic! I hope the week was great. Engineer X and I have been working on the last of the November shows and are now pushing into December and beyond. 

Not that you would find this interesting but we were told my new book, Sic, was held up at the printer because they couldn’t get the correct paper stock. We just got a message that not only did they get the paper, but the book was printed and on a truck heading to Los Angeles. It could be there within days. Very exciting. 

Show heads up:

METZ at Teragram ballroom on Thursday, December 8th.

I resume tour in Europe next year. Here’s info on that. 

Our show tonight features a lot of new music, thanks to the Fanatics who told me about some of these bands and directed me to Bandcamp. I’ve been on a Joy Division bootleg a night diet and it’s serving me well. Today was a Stooges marathon of the practice tapes found on the Heavy Liquid box set on Easy Action. 

Thanks for listening to the show, we hope you dig it. 

Have a grand weekend and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry