KCRW Broadcast 714

Fanatic! I hope you had a great week. I’ve been on a lot of highways and in a lot of airports getting things done. 

I saw the great Nashville band Snooper play several nights ago. The show I saw apparently will be released as a limited cassette. Their records are great and live they were awesome. I suggest you check them out at the soonest. Here’s the address for the cassette. 

Ian MacKaye turned me onto a cool 12” by a band called the Regressive Left. You can check them out here if you want to.

Two 10”s from Teri Gender Bender? Yayyyyy!!!

A new thang from Ms. Alicja-pop.

My favorite record of the year: Hammered Hulls -Careening.

When I got back from the first part of the Good To See You Tour in June, I set my office time priorities on making radio shows and editing two books. One of them was the next volume of Stay Fanatic!!! and the other was a collection of recent writing called Sic. It’s the product of about three years of writing. If you liked or were somehow able to endure two books I wrote called Black Coffee Blues and Solipsist, Sic is of that regrettable posture. We were hoping to try to get the book back from the printer and onto our site before the end of the year but figured that wouldn’t be possible. I was able to finish the initial drafts of the book with enough time for Heidi and I to do our final pass so we could send it to Carol who gets the punctuation into shape and off to Dave to do the layout. All of these corners were turned remarkably fast and off the damn thing went to the printer. Very quickly the book was on a truck, headed for Los Angeles. It arrived last week. I signed them all last Tuesday and Wednesday. On Monday, Sic goes on sale. We thought it would be cool to give you the drop. Orders will be filled and dispatched as quickly as Larry Hardy and his hard working staff of “the other guy in the place” can starting bright and early. Here’s the information on that.

I resume tour in Europe next year. Here’s info on that. 


I hope you got a chance to check out the Ruts and Panik 12”s Larry and I put out last week. We’re stoked at how well they came out. We’ve already put our next 12” project out to Mikey Young for mastering. We’re super excited about this one. 

I’ve given the new Ruts DC album Counterculture? a couple of listens. We start tracks soon. It’s really good. Can’t wait for the vinyl to arrive. They’ve been doing shows with TV Smith. No way!

TV’s album Generation Y just came out on LP. This one might be a bit more challenging to retrieve. 

I just finished the new book by Ian Svenonius, Against The Written Word. Amazing

I’m currently listening to Excess by Automatic as I’ve been tasked by my handler at KCRW’s Office of Control and Pacification to write something about the band’s excellent second album. It’s in my top five for the year, absolutely. 

Oh, and then of course, there’s tonight’s show. A tremendous gathering of tunes! We hope you dig every moment to the maximum degree. 

Keep the music playing and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry