KCRW Broadcast 716

Fanatic! As I’m writing to you, I’m listening to assorted Scott Walker tracks. That’s an interesting artist. 

We’re coming up on the “holiday season” and all its attendant issues. I got word from one of my bosses from the 7th Floor in the HPC (Human Potential and Control) Division at KCRW there would be no show on 12-24-22 and I was ordered to crack a wine cooler, spark a fat Bentley, and lose my clothes in a public setting on that evening. I’m going to go to a local liquor store to inquire if there’s still such a thing as a “wine cooler” and if I’m able to purchase one without having to also buy an Eagles Greatest Hits album. So, on that night, you’ll have to find your own damn fun. 

For the final draft of tonight’s show, I took the tracks to the gym and went on the treadmill for a marathon listening session and I think we’ve got a great gathering of tunes. This is the best and final test of any playlist. If it works like a mix tape, that is to say, if you can just play the tunes in the order they’re placed and it works, then the show is done. If something’s not working, it makes itself known pretty quickly. I trust this method. Like a lot of ancient people, I used to make a lot of mix tapes. The real time nature of it was a cool journey in itself. 

My new book Sic sold through very quickly. There are some copies left.

My tour dates for next year.

I think one should invest in traditional holidays as they see fit. I’m not against them at all but the festivity aspect for the most part goes right by me. It does allow a Fanatic to do some deep listening while everyone’s away and that’s working for me. 

We hope you enjoy tonight’s show and that the holidays, as starkly consumerist as they can be, are good to you. Be well and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry