KCRW Broadcast 719

Fanatic! I hope your weekend has gotten off to a great start. I’ve been getting some good listening in, a lot of 7” records. I have a turntable and some small but sturdy speakers at my desk, so I’ve been checking out a lot of records. 7”s tend to pile up, it’s like mowing the lawn but it’s records. 

I don’t know you’re a fan but have you seen all the cool Les Rallizes Denudes releases that have come out over the last few months? Takashi Mizutani is one of the greatest guitar players ever. His music is one of my favorite rabbit holes to jump down. For the most part, the recordings are live tapes of varying quality, so you have to get your ears set for that. The internet has a lot of his material you can listen to. It’s carefully listening as you often have to concentrate through the murk but I think he’s worth every second. This is one of the shows that’s been put on vinyl and sounds better than a lot of the other recordings. His solos are insane. 

The next leg of my tour starts soon. 

Last week, Billy Idol got a star on the Hollywood walk fame in front of Amoeba. Congratulations, Billy! 

We have a great mix tape show for tonight. I’ve been listening to some test pressings of upcoming releases for this year and while it’s not for me to announce a record before a label does, I can say we’ve got some great vinyl to look forward to. 

My weekend is going to be for the most part, office bound with a breakout to the gym and maybe even the grocery store. There will also be a lot of music. I’m listening to that Les Rallizes record I mentioned above. SO GREAT!!!

We hope you dig the show. Next week’s is almost finished. Have a great Saturday night and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry