KCRW Broadcast 721

Fanatic! It’s late on Friday night and I’m writing these notes now as I have a long day of travel waiting for me. I’m Iceland bound to start almost two months of shows. You can go here to check them out.

I hate to be a tease but right now, I’m listening to an album, yet to be released that is going to knock you out when it’s released later this year. So into this! 

Myself and a group of do good types have gotten together to do a project. I’ve been going back and forth with one of the gang and am told we’ll be launching said project today. If you go here.

You’ll see what I mean. It concerns the legendary producer/engineer Spot. We’ve been working on this idea for weeks. There were a lot moves we had to make but everyone came through. It’s one of those things where you say, “Yeah, we should do that sometime . . .” but you don’t. We did. I did the write up, which explains everything. I think you might like this. 

A new Gee Tee album.

Ladrones, great album.

The Sick Bags, another great record.

We have a great show for you, which we hope you like. 

Have a great weekend and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry