KCRW Broadcast 723

Fanatic. Hello from Belgrade, Serbia. The shows have been going well and it’s great to be on the road. I thought we’d be encountering colder weather but so far it hasn’t been so bad. These are the tour dates.

Before shows, I’ve resumed a ritual I started in the final shows of last year. I listen to an Ornette Coleman record. Last night it was the Live At The Golden Circle recordings.

Jet lag is starting to fade. Sometimes it takes longer to get past it. I’ve found that no matter how tired I feel before the show, once I get out there, I’m fine. So far, I’ve done shows in Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. I can’t explain how great it is to be on the move with a show every night. 

We have prepared a really cool show for you. We’ve been working on these for weeks.

The great Eric J Lawrence has passed away. He was an essential part of KCRW for many years and a truly good person. 

I hope you’re having a great weekend. Until next week, keep the music going and stay Fanatic. 

–– Henry