KCRW broadcast 726

Fanatic. In Berlin, Germany. Happy Fanatic spring! I know it’s not spring officially but as far as my weather vane is concerned, spring has done sprung. On March 1, I was in Denmark and started the spring listening with Dagger & Guitar by Denmark’s Sort Sol. 

Shows have been going well. Last night in Hamburg was #23 for the year so far. It’s so great to be back in Germany. 

I thought we were going to be encountering some serious weather on this run but it was above freezing every day where we were. Now that it’s March, maybe we’re out of the snow. 

In my pre-COVID life, I was in Europe up to five times a year. Last night was the first show I’ve done in Germany since 2018. I’m grateful for being back out here and for a show every night. We’re about a week into a run of 44 straight shows until we finish in England in early April. Here are the upcoming tour dates. https://www.henryrollins.com/tour

I’m happy to tell you two more dates to the Australian tour have been added. 

Fanatic, it’s not for me to tell you what to do but if you want to hear some amazing music, plug yourself into Juju, Speak No Evil and Adam’s Apple by the great Wayne Shorter. You can also check out any number of incredible Miles Davis or Art Blakey albums he’s on. Mr. Shorter passed away a couple of days ago. His recorded catalog is immense. He’s part of an era of Jazz players who were not only prolific but extraordinarily talented and didn’t seem to waste a drop. Perfect listening for spring. 

Fanatic, this news is just coming in to me at this moment as I’m sitting here in the venue. I am sorry to have to tell you this. Spot, the legendary producer and engineer has passed away. He was a one of a kind, brilliant man and a great studio craftsman. Thank you for your concern. 

We have a great show lined up for you for this, our first for spring. Have a great weekend and stay Fanatic. 

–– Henry