KCRW Broadcast 736

Fanatic! I hope you had a great week. It’s 0130 hrs. early on this Saturday. It’s been a not all that interesting week of editing, scanning and proofreading. Thankfully, there’s been a lot of music so it’s been fine. 

Taleen Kali

I just listened to the Taleen Kali Flower Of Life album on vinyl for the first time as it just arrived. The download sounded good but the album really happens when the songs come off the vinyl. Happening!

I had a chance to listen to The Fall Live 1977 RSD LP. I’d already heard the tracks from the CD box set The Fall 1970s recently released on Cherry Red. That’s very much worth checking out. The sound quality of this particular show isn’t the greatest but if you’re an old tape trader like I am, you’re used to somewhat muffled play back. I’m glad this record came out. 

A new Lorelle Meets The Obsolete record! 

I did a little email traveling and found the red vinyl variant. The one song we’re allowed to hear sounds great. Can’t wait to hear the rest. I’d recommend any of their records without hesitation. Via Bandcamp, you can check out their music and make up your own mind. I think Bandcamp is such a great thing for allowing someone to explore music and not have to face disappointment getting a record they don’t totally like. It’s not always a good idea to take someone’s advice on a vinyl purchase. Getting to hear tracks first is the way to do it. 

New music by Mark Robinson and Trevor Kampmann

At first they were called Fang Wizard. Now they’re calling themselves Party Milk and there will be a new album, Your Problem As A Mountain, will be out this summer. Cool!

All my RSD records came in over the last few days so I’m going to try and hear them all by Sunday night. 

My new book Sic is back in print

The second edition has a slightly different color scheme where “Sic” is in red ink on the cover and spine. All copies were signed by me at In The Red last week. 

Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 3 is back in print

I signed all these as soon as I finished signing all the copies of Sic. The whole thing took about 11 hours. 

I’ve got shows starting in Australia in June

More shows have been added to the Good To See You Tour

More dates are being booked for September, October and November happening in the USA. When things are all set, we’ll post all the information. I’ve checked out the rough schedule and it looks good and busy. It’s such a drag when tours end. I’m glad we’ll be out a little longer. 

Fanatic, it’s our first show for May, so to keep things ridiculous at all times, Charles M. Bogert is back with his seemingly endless amount of Frog jams. We’ll be starting every show with a different track from Sounds Of North American Frogs until the last Saturday in August. We’re glad to be giving these talented and often overlooked amphibians some airplay. It’s frogress, right? Hey! IS THIS THING ON?!

Fanatic, a tremendous show we have lined up for you to start off our Fanatic Summer listening season. If at all possible, please listen to every single show we make for you and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry