KCRW Broadcast 741

Fanatic! Hello from beautiful Brisbane, Australia. We’re well into the shows here and things are going great. I got back from the show last night and even though I was pretty beat, I found a vein of cool music and spent awhile listening and downloading. I’ll be putting the tracks into our August shows going forward. I have to work this far in advance because of all the shows I have coming up.

We’ve just announced the shows for September, October and November. 

Water Machine is a very cool band, easily checked out on Bandcamp.

The new Lorelle Meets The Obsolete album Datura just came out. It’s great. 

Touring in Australia, while great, presents its challenges. The geography is such that there are a lot of airports and way too many days off for my liking. Our routine is often an early drive to an airport, return the rental car, get to the gate, onto the flight, get luggage, to the rental car place and onward. It’s a lot of corners to turn before we get to the venue but after a couple of weeks, it’s just what you do. For now, we’re camping out in Brisbane. We have a show tonight, about 90 minutes from here. Tomorrow, we’re back for the third Brisbane show. 

Australia is an incredible place, some of the views are not to be believed. It’s winter here now, so the weather is cool and dry for the most part. We were in Darwin, Alice Springs and Cairns recently and it was quite warm but from here on out, it’s going to be like mid autumn in the USA. Interesting weather for June. 

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to tracks to our show. I think it’s a good one. As I remember, I worked on this one in Europe in cold backstage areas with summer on my mind. It was an interesting bit of projection to get the mood right but hopefully it will be a good soundtrack. 

I have to get packed up and out of here. I'll be back in this room in about twelve hours. Australia on a Saturday night, should be lively. 

Have an excellent weekend and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry