KCRW Broadcast 75


At this moment, I am flying the friendly skies from Washington DC to Los Angeles. Last week, I went to Europe for a few shows in Denmark, Holland and England. I got offstage at the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth England, went right to Heathrow and flew to Washington. I got in Sunday evening so I could be in Washington for The Evens Fort Reno show the next night.

I am so glad I hustled to make the show, totally worth it. The Evens, Amy Farina and Ian MacKaye, were really great and played at least three new songs. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent hanging out with Ian and members of his family as well as visiting some people from the old neighborhood.

Today, I fly back to Los Angeles for about two weeks and then back out to Europe for more shows. But before all that, we have radio! Tonight is one of our relentlessly great mixes and next week, of course is our fund drive. Please tune in. You all know the drill, we will be asking for your support to keep KCRW happening. If you are a subscriber already, listen anyway as I will be doing my level best to be buoyant, effervescent and entertaining as possible.

Now then, let’s take a moment to peruse the major league tuneage that we will be jamming on tonight, Fanatics. Van Halen into Monty Python? You know how we do it! The big news is that we have the NEW EARLY MAN ALBUM!!!!!!! The very happening Death Potion album is now here at the KCRW Rok Mosk and Fanatics, We couldn’t be more happy to be able to lay a little of it in you. We have some mo’ of that Dax Riggs album, Say Goodnight To The World album for you as well. I was happy to see the Kraftwerk Das Katalog box set turn up at the office after ordering it weeks ago. The major Kraftwerk albums have been remastered and released in a box set format, two different versions. I prefer the band’s German versions of their albums on all levels, language, mix and edit. My German language CDs I bought many years ago in Germany don’t sound all that great so I was happy to get and upgrade. And what an upgrade! They sound excellent. I was rockin’ Der Mensch Maschine several days ago at the office and the place was thumping in a very satisfactory manner. Also, we have some Omar Souleyman that I bought at a record store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia late last year. Thank you Engineer X for the Liaisons Dangereuses turn on and thank you Road Manager Ward for the heads up on Les Rallizes Denudes, a band I am listening to quite fanatically at the moment. A cool Dinosaur Jr. track from the Melrose Place soundtrack CD and am Evens track that they played live the other night. Speaking of The Evens, Joel, Fanatic From Ohio was at the Fort Reno show. Good to see him on the field. We finish our show with some familiar and talented artists and say salaam alykum to you all.

I think we have a great show here. I will jam it today at a healthy volume all the way through just to make sure but I think we have this one in the bag and ready to take to you. So, we are live for the next two weeks and puh-leez, Fanatics, tune in next week when we rock the fund drive. It’s time to support Tha K!

Someone wrote me a few days ago and suggested I look at the trailer for this documentary that is being screened in New York and Los Angeles starting this weekend:


There is no way I am missing this. Not the easiest topic matter to deal with but it is of great interest to me. I think I am going to see it Sunday in shwanky Beverly Hills.

Ok! Are ready to go live?! I THOUGHT SO!!! Drop some ice in your coffee and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. Van Halen - Atomic Punk / Van Halen
02. Monty Python - Eric The Half A Bee / Monty Python's Previous Record
03. Early Man - Nine Riders / Death Potion
04. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Upside Down / The Power Of Negative Thinking
05. Birthday Party - The Dim Locator / Junkyard
06. Beastie Boys - 59 Chrystie Street / Paul's Boutique
07. The Fall - Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones / Complete Peel Sessions
08. Dax Riggs - I Hear Satan / Say Good Night To The World
09. John Cale - Helen Of Troy / Helen Of Troy
10. The Buzzcocks - Airwaves Dream / Singles Going Steady
11. Kraftwerk – Taschenrechner / Computer Welt
12. Omar Souleyman - Track 06 / Title Unknown
13. Lieutenant Caramel - Interview (A) / Early Tape Works
14. Liaisons Dangereuses - Etre Assis Ou Danser / Liaisons Dangereuses
15. Les Rallizes Denudes - Otherwise My Conviction / Yodo-Go-A-Go-Go
16. Dinosaur Jr – Blah / Melrose Place: The Music Soundtrack
17. The Evens - Dinner With The President / Get Evens
18. Slim Gaillard - Eatin' With The Boogie / Sabros! Here's Smorgasbord
19. Various Artists - Boonchu Farlab / Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 01
20. The Sonics – Strychnine / Nuggets
21. The Velvet Underground - I'm Set Free / The Velvet Underground
22. Chrissy Zebby Tembo - My Ancestors / My Ancestors
23. Unknown Artist - Unknown Title / Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 2
24. Captain Beefheart - Beatle Bones N' Smokin' Stones / The Mirror Man Sessions
25. Sun Ra - New Planet / Continuation
26. Mark Stewart – Bastards / As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade
27. Desmond Dekker - 007 (Shanty Town) / The Original Reggae Hitsound