KCRW Broadcast 753

Fanatic! It’s Friday night, 2232 hrs. I figured I’d get started on the notes early. I was at the mail pick up place earlier and got a few records that had come in. I’m spoiled for choice tonight. Over the last few days, I got into these. Great listening. 

The new Ruts DC album Electracoustic Volume 2 is so good! 

I wrote Mr. Segs a couple of nights ago and asked him to consider making Volume 3 sooner than later. Not only are the songs amazing in this format, you can really hear what excellent musicians the three of them are. 

Air Miami reissue

Me. Me. Me. By Air Miami (featuring Mark Robinson and Bridget Cross of Unrest) has been remastered and re-cut at 45 rpm over two 12” discs and sounds great. The non-LP track Pucker has been added. 

Tonight, I started with Machine Gun Etiquette by the Damned and from there, a pretty good sounding copy of the first Stooges album, pressed in South Africa. 

With great anticipation, this was next up. 

Boris - Heavy Rocks 2LP set. 

I’m listening to the new 2LP pressing of the 2002 Heavy Rocks album by Boris. It was a CD only release until very recently. This is seriously happening. You might want to check this out. Good quality vinyl from Third Man

New Marnie Stern LP - The Comeback Kid

I was lucky enough to land an advance LP and it’s great from start to finish. It’s not out until early November but I don’t want you to forget about this one. It’s happening for pre-order right now

New Upchuck album

Bite The Hand That Feeds is the new Upchuck album. It releases on 10-13-23. It’s really good


My shows are starting soon!


The printing we did of Solipsist went unexpectedly fast. I got a report from In The Records where we do our mail order out of and ITR main man Larry Hardy says as of this evening, we’re almost out. If you’re so inclined, you might want to check it out.

Kim Salmon And The Surrealists  - Rantings From The Book Of Swamp 2LP set

Finally this very cool Kim record gets a domestic release for those not all that into paying a ton on postage

Kid Congo Powers & The Near Death Experience – Live In St. Kilda LP

We didn’t get to any tracks from this one over the summer. It ended up being my favorite hot weather listen of this year. Great record I kept forgetting to bring to your attention. It’s on In The Red. The site says it’s still in the pre-order stage but that’s not true. It’s been out for months. Really worth checking out

Also, if you’ve not checked it out, Kid’s autobiography, Some New Kind Of Kick is really cool

Also, we’ve got a great batch of tunes lined up for you tonight. September listening is happening here! 

It’s late and I’m tired, so of course I’m going to the gym. It’s their fault they’re open 24/7. 

Have a great weekend and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry